Top 10 Data Breaches of 2023

Let’s recap the Top 10 data breaches from 2023:

DarkBeam: A cybersecurity breach in the UK that exposed over 3.8 billion records in September.

Real Estate Wealth Network: A construction/real estate-related breach in the USA with 1.5 billion records compromised in December.

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR): The healthcare sector in India was hit, affecting 815 million records in October.

Kid Security: An IT services/software company in Kazakhstan suffered a breach impacting over 300 million records in November.

Twitter (X): The social media giant faced a breach that exposed over 220 million records in January1.

TuneFab: An IT services/software firm in Hong Kong had a breach affecting over 151 million records in December.

Dori Media Group: A media company in Israel experienced a breach of over 100 TB of data in December.

Tigo: A telecom company in Hong Kong had a breach impacting over 100 million records in July1.

SAP SE Bulgaria: An IT services/software breach in Bulgaria affected 95.6 million records in November1.

Luxottica Group: A manufacturing company in Italy had a breach involving 70 million records in May1. would like to highlight the majority of the above resulted from successful Phishing attacks. It’s crucial for organizations to use a trustworthy digital identity that can’t easily be Phished. Their domain name choice has never been more critical. Having the most authoritative version of your brand/product name in the exact match .Com along with training your staff on how to recognize these attacks can be far more effective than blindly investing millions in cybersecurity infrastructure.